Galveston Historical Foundation’s Manager of Historic Collections, Renee Tallent, guides you through the proper procedure for recovering books damaged by natural disasters. This process addresses damage from flooding, hurricane and other water based issues. Please contact Renee with any questions you might have as you work towards preserving your family treasures.






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    • Sylvia

      Curling photos, I put my photos in a acid free photo book. It is flat and hopefully will not curl up. Personally, I saved some photos after Hurr. Ike, the others that were terrible and colors running, I threw those away.

  1. Vogle V.

    After Katrina, insurance adjuster advised that metal objects like pots, pans and silverware exposed to flood waters develop minute pitting due to salt water or pollutants. It is not safe to eat from or off of items that have been exposed. Would you take the chance with possibly damaged silver ware or dishes with crazing in the glaze?

  2. Jet cook

    I have an antique hard back book that got slightly rained on and left spots just on hard cover binder , not pages. How can I get moldy looking spots off? Very embarrassing since I narrowed from friend. Thanks!

  3. Peggy Terrel

    My Great Grand Parents where married in the Church Sept. 1, 1889. There names where Ernest John Fredrick Ruenbuhl and Mary Moore. If have any information about the I would love to know. Ernest and his father I’m told helped with building the Church.
    Peggy Terrel

    • Sylvia

      Do you know what is church’s denomination? I would suggest doing research at Rosenberg Library. Good luck.

  4. Sharon Miller

    Thank you for your informative videos. Our house in Spring, Texas was flooded after Hurricane Harvey. Some china and crystal dishes may have been affected as well as pots and pans, but everything was dry by the time we could access the cabinets. Will we be OK washing everything carefully with soap, water, and a little bleach? Vogle’s comment was alarming, but salt water was not involved in our case. However, flood water is extremely nasty, so we are concerned.


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