The 42nd anniversary of Galveston Historical Foundation’s Historic Homes Tour not only features nine fantastic island homes, it also features a special commemorative print exclusively available to tour participants. This year, that honor goes to Melinda Patrick. In addition to Melinda’s print, various items emblazoned with the original Galveston City Company logo will be available at select tour homes and Bishop’s Palace each day of the tour.


Melinda Patrick has been developing her art since she was a small child. Her grandfather, an accomplished painter and photographer, began mentoring her in the fine arts before the age of five.

While in public school, she attended the scholarship class at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Melinda received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute working almost exclusively in oils. For the past 10 years, she’s developed a preference for acrylics and gouache. She considers her art to be eye candy. It’s often categorized as contemporary realism.

Melinda takes a camera everywhere she goes and shoots thousands of photos every year with the intention of painting her favorites. Many of those photos are taken in the Galveston area. Some of her work can be seen at Affaire d’Art Fine Art Gallery, 2227 Postoffice in Galveston. She will have a show a Sead Gallery in Bryan, TX November 2016 through January 2017. All of her work can be seen on her website,

Melinda lives and works in a pine forest near her native Houston.

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