Galveston Historical Foundation opens the doors to Galveston’s architectural history through public tours of privately owned homes and special events on May 5, 6, 12 & 13, 2018.

“The annual homes tour highlights the island’s architecture crossing decades of construction and design as well as houses both large and small. Galveston offers a unique collection of late 19th and early 20th century houses that will intrigue visitors and captivate historic house buffs. Come join GHF and these homeowners as we welcome visitors from across the country to experience historic Galveston of the past. – Dwayne Jones, GHF Executive Director

In addition to the eight homes listed below, Galveston Historical Foundation will be presenting two select properties as part of a Rehabilitation in Progress showcase. These homes show how GHF continues to preserve the island’s history through inventive green technologies and stewardship.


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  1. Gerri

    How would you suggest that a large group (40-50 people) coming by bus from the Houston area arrange touring the homes?

  2. Andromeda flores

    Do you pay to tour each individual house or is the 25-30 to tour all the houses on the list?

  3. Clarence

    I have my tickets for the home tour… where do I find a list of all the addresses?
    Thank You, looking forward to the tour.

  4. Betty Martin

    Maybe next year you could have a printable map with the locations of the homes indicated? With the map on your site I can click and see the location of the homes, but I would love a map to carry with me. I know I’ll get the book at the first site, but I have to get to the first site.

  5. Jen Leiendecker

    On the Tenant Cottage, is the address 1309 or 1509 15th St.? I have seen two conflicting addresses on different spots of your information given. Thank you for clarifying!

  6. Judy Kirby

    The tours for 2017. Are all the homes available for touring anytime from 10 to 6 on any of the 4 days listed? We are looking at coming down May 4, 2017 and staying thru the 9th. Would we be able to tour on the 7 and/or 8th of May? Thank you.

  7. J. Paul Hawthorne

    The Albertson House was my direct 2x great- grandparents. How would I go about learning the history of the house?

  8. Joni

    Any more info on the 2017 home tour? I would like to attend and purchase a ticket for my friend in San Antonio (I am in Houston and we drove down together for the 2015 tour).

  9. Beth

    Do I need to buy a ticket for my two year old or is she considered a babe in arms?

  10. Brenda

    We would love to attend the Bishop’s Breakfast on May 07; however, there is only 1 ticket left available. Is there ever the chance of a cancellation or tickets that have already been purchased being available for sale? I would need a total of 2 tickets.

    • Will Wright


      Thanks for your message. Right now there is just one seat left at the breakfast and we are not able to add another. If something opens up we will post on this page.

  11. Kathryn

    I I think I went to the wrong site. I paid Everbrite for my tickets. What can I do????

  12. David Morgan

    Is there a tour guide walking the route with a group, or do you walk from house to house on your own and at your own pace?


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