The Center for Coastal Heritage takes an active role in facilitating field schools for universities that offer classes on preservation, urban planning, and historic rehabilitation.  CCH provides workspace, technological needs, and facilitates hands-on work with Galveston’s historic buildings and infill construction.

All field school findings and recommendations are presented to representatives from the community.  By working closely with professionals on the front lines of protecting and rehabilitating our Galveston neighborhoods, students have immediate interaction with what it means to be involved with and positively influence the built environment.

If you or your university is interested in participating in our Field Schools program, please contact us.


For the past five years, the UT San Antonio College of Architecture, in partnership with the Center for Coastal Heritage, has offered a historic preservation-focused field school in Galveston under the direction of faculty member James “Rick” Lewis.  During the residence program, student researchers are assigned to work on a project emphasizing building documentation, urban contextual studies, and historic building adaptation investigations.

This partnership recognizes that education at all levels is the foundation on which community preservation mindedness must be built. In light of this progressive attitude, the UTSA College of Architecture has been cultivated to be a stakeholder in advancing a long-term academic partnership with GHF.  For five consecutive summers this relationship has resulted in a litany of important research, as well as critically practical projects.  Accomplishments to date go beyond planning and design theory to constructively impacting neighborhoods and urban settings to be better places to live and work.

Information on the UTSA College of Architecture Galveston Field School Program.