Commemorating the endurance of Galveston’s historic neighborhoods, GHF offers a 1900 Storm Survivor Plaque to qualified property owners.

On September 8, 1900, the most devastating recorded natural disaster in U.S. history struck Galveston Island, claiming 6,000 to 8,000 lives and destroying thousands of buildings.  The plaques represent a testament to the resilience of our built history, and the community of people to which it still serves.  The plaques are made in durable cast bronze.

To purchase the storm survivor plaque, please complete the application available on this page.  Applications are also available at GHF’s 1949 Sears Building located at 2228 Broadway.  A $20 application fee covers staff time to research and verify the age of the house. This fee can be waived for a property that already has an approved original “1900 Storm Survivor Plaque” application.  Once GHF staff verify the age of the property, qualified applicants may then pay the remaining $160 for their plaque, plus sales tax.

Completed applications can be submitted to Preservation located at GHF’s 1949 Sears Building located at 2228 Broadway.

Program Contact: Jami Durham, 409-750-9108, ext. 1305