Square footage: 900 sq. ft.
Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 2Br, 1 Ba
Neighborhood: Kempner Neighborhood
Date of Construction: 1913
Lot Size: 42’-10” ’x 120’

This early 20th century raised bungalow was recently moved to its current location and is in the process of a major rehabilitation.  Once complete, the house will have newly installed central air, updated appliances, a full-size kitchen, and refinished hardwood floors.  Galveston Historical Foundation is working with architectual firm Easterwood Design to incorporate an updated design and modern layout while prioritizing the historic architecture of this 100 year old house.

2616 Ave. M ½ is one of two houses acquired by GHF through partnership with University of Texas Medical Branch.  The second house, located next door at 2620 Ave. M ½ are both supported by the GHF Revolving Fund.  Revolving Fund is a program of GHF that acquires historic residential and commercial properties, stabilizes and rehabilitates the properties, and sells them to individuals who are committed to preserving their architectural integrity.  Funds from the property sales are “revolved” back into the program for future purchases.

Both 2616 Ave M ½ and 2620 Ave. M ½, originally located at 624 Church and 628 Church respectively, were built in 1913 by Albert M. Darragh, son of pioneer Galvestonian John Darragh.  Both houses were identically constructed.

All inquires can be made to: Michael Guillot at 409-765-3401 or michael.guillot@galvestonhistory.org



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  1. john debner

    Are there any more of these properties planned for the future?

    I am considering purchasing something like this for my primary residence.


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