Gliding your finger alongside the blade, it’s very nice to feel the unique texture of the metal; the layers of the Damascus technique give an interesting consistency. Very pleasant to the touch. The subtle rich glow of the Teak handles combine with the Damascus to create a truly unique and cherished artifact from our maritime past. Sales of this knife will assist in the stewardship of this fine National Historic Landmark vessel – the 1877 Iron Barque ELISSA.

The Damascus steel/iron blade is forged from original 1877 Low Moor wrought iron hull plating that was removed during ELISSA’s 2012-13 hull restoration and a modern steel alloy to help the knife keep an edge. The Teak handles are taken from Teak salvaged from the deckhouse that was rebuilt during ELISSA’s 2013 main deck restoration.


The Damascus steel used in the creation of this knife is forged by Devin Thomas. This forging process dates back to the Crusades, and is named for the ancient Syrian city, Damascus, where some of the first man-made metals were traded publicly. It is comprised of thin layers of metal that are heated together to form a laminated solid. Designs take shape as layers are folded in, then welded together by forging. Devin has named this unique and mesmerizing Damascus pattern “Raindrop”. The final crafting of the knife is by Percy Richardson of Richardson Handmade Knives of Lufkin, Texas.

The knife comes with a handsome display shadow box with etched glass and a certificate of authenticity. The knife is available at the Texas Seaport Museum gift store or by calling the gift store at (409) 763-1877. The price is $425 plus shipping. Elissa volunteers can purchase a knife for $375 and GHF members can obtain one for $382.50.

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