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  1. Tracy Whatley

    Hello, I have reached out before and not received a response. Our school district does have several “junk mail” filters so it could have gotten caught up there.

    I am trying to create a field trip for my AP Environmental Science students. These are 16 – 18 year old, interested, students. We are going to be in Galveston on April 13th and have scheduled a 10 am tour of the NOAA Turtle Barn. From what I am seeing on your webpage, your tour/class/lab is not offered on that day. Is there anything similar that I could sign my students up for? If not, I would like to bring water testing kit/secchi disk or other lab materials for my students to gather data with if you are unable to do a “class/lab” with them.

    I am looking forward to your response,
    Thank you very much.


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