1234418_912202005476194_7991704054678656790_nAt its recent quarterly meeting, the Texas Historical Foundation approved a grant to the Galveston Historical Foundation to assist in the research and publishing of How to Build a City, The Story of the Galveston City Corporation.

David D. Martinez, president of the Foundation, commented, “Facilitating and promoting Texas history education is one of the principle missions of THF. How to Build a City will be the culmination of a larger effort to archive, digitize, and research the records of the Galveston City Company. Publication of this book will reveal a part of the island’s history that has thus far been unavailable to the public. THF is privileged to have the opportunity to contribute to such a worthy endeavor. ”

Since 1954, the Texas Historical Foundation has funded preservation and education projects around the state and helps promote the cultural legacy of Texas. The group’s leading efforts include its award-winning Texas HERITAGE magazine and a preservation grants program.

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