As part of our 45th annual Galveston Historic Homes Tour, GHF will play host to the Outdoor Painters Society’s Plein air Southwest 2019 painting competition and show. This annual event will showcase 44 of the best plein air artists from all over the United States from May 5th – 12th as they interpret our historic city and capture the essence of Galveston in their artwork. An exhibition of the artwork will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the historic 1859 Ashton Villa Estate and a percentage of the sales at the exhibition will go to benefit the Galveston Historical Foundation.


The “Host an Artist” program is a wonderful opportunity to help support the event, the art community, and to give the artist a warm Galveston reception. By hosting a participating artist, you help reduce the expenses associated with the artist’s participation of the event. Artists will arrive on May 4th and depart on May 12th. The level of accommodation is entirely between the host and the artist with an understanding of the following:

  • Artists understand the magnitude of this arrangement and will be respectful and responsible to the homes and hosts.
  • Hosts understand that the artists are here to work and compete, that they might keep odd hours (in order to capture early or late light) – in fact, host and artist may see very little of one another.
  • Hosts are required to provide artists: a private bedroom, access to a bathroom and use of a small space in the refrigerator for food.
  • Hosts are not required to provide meals, transportation, or tour guide type services for artists. Use of laundry facilities at the host home is available only if mutually agreed upon between host and artist.
  • If requested in advance through the event coordinator for artists, artists may seek accommodations for a spouse, significant other or other business manager. It should not be assumed that housing will be provided for children, friends or pets.
  • Artists should not feel responsible to give gifts to their host, but hosts may accept tokens of appreciation for opening their homes to artists.
  • Hosts are invited to attend the private Exhibition Preview Reception and Awards. A separate announcement and invitation will be sent.
  • If at any time a host or artist has questions, concerns or issues, they should not hesitate to contact the Host an Artist Event Coordinator:

We greatly appreciate the assistance of our members and supporters while GHF hosts this annual art competition and show. If you or someone you know has any interest in hosting an artist for this event please complete the form below or contact Kyle O’Brien at



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