GHF’s headquarters in the 1940 Sears Building, 2228 Broadway, will open its doors for a special day of celebrating Galveston Island’s community preservation work on Saturday, October 15. Admission is free to all events throughout the day and will conclude with the 2016 Sally Wallace Preservation Awards.

Held in the Architectural Salvage Warehouse, the day will feature a special “deal wheel” to be used at checkout for a variety of discounts and specials. From 9-10 a.m., GHF members will triple their wheel winnings and from 10 a.m. to close, double their winnings. The general public will be able to spin the wheel for savings as well throughout the day.

Tours of GHF headquarters are available from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. and special demonstrations will also be held throughout the day, free to attendees. These quick courses will cover topics such as how to de-nail wood, window glazing, paint removal from hardware, door knob installation and more. Additionally, guests will be able to fill out GHF’s property research forms for paid research on the history of their island homes. Nominations for homes deserving of Paint Pal program assistance will also be accepted all day.

Headlining the day is the 2016 Sally Wallace Preservation Awards. Held from 4:30 – 6 p.m. This special champagne reception will honor recipients of the annual award. Named after the late Sally B. Wallace, one of the driving forces behind Galveston Island’s preservation movement and a pivotal figure in saving the antebellum Ashton Villa from demolition, these awards recognize outstanding projects and craftspeople involving the preservation, restoration, and enhancement of Galveston County’s historic buildings and neighborhoods.



Outstanding Rehabilitation

  • Texas Heroes Monument – City of Galveston, Owners
  • 1859 Hendley Building (Eastern Half) – Mitchell Historic Properties, Owner
  • USS CAVALLA – Cavalla Historical Foundation, Stewards
  • 1115 Church Street, 1893 James and Violet Waters House – Michael and Kelli Anderson, Owners
  • 1601 Ball Street, 1887 Howard and Kate Mather House – Jeff and Connie Patterson, Owners
  • 2912 Avenue P, 1907 George and Lucile Murray House – Michael and Ashley Cordray, Owners
  • 1323 25th Street, 1905 Nelson and Linna Leopold House – Frank and Julie Baker, owners
  • 721 Third Street, 1905 Anthony Gerit Meyer House, League City – Michael and Deann Peterson, Owners
Outstanding Craftsmanship

  • Building Solutions, Chris Arneson – Hendley Building Rehabilitation Project
  • Dewayne Davis, Tony M. Barron, Victoria Crooks, Asher Spalding – USS CAVALLA Project

Outstanding Stewardship

  • Cavalla Historical Foundation, Stewards USS CAVALLA – Dr. Kelley W. Crooks, General Manager

Community Service

  • Melody M. Hauch and Floyd “Lanny” Martin – The 1867 Settlement Project, Texas City
  • Jason Fuselier – Relocation of 1960 Bungalow from 1321 25th Street to 2604 Ave M ½

“These awards recognize achievements in historic preservation by homeowners, organizations, and businesses. This historic preservation work is inspiriting to us individually and as communities” says Dwayne Jones, Executive Director of Galveston Historical Foundation. “It continues our connection to the past and allows us to retain irreplaceable historic buildings for the future.”


Galveston Historical Foundation opened the Architectural Salvage Warehouse in the fall of 1982 as part of its Residential Program which also included a revolving fund and paint pals program. All of these programs are still in practice by GHF today and significant pieces of the island’s continuing preservation work and heritage. A special slideshow will show highlights throughout the day of current work being done with the revolving fund and paint pals.

For more information, please contact Will Wright, Director of Marketing & Special Events at 409-765-3404, or visit

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