Join acclaimed singer-songwriters, Josh Grider and Drew Kennedy, as they perform a completely unplugged and acoustic concert in the 1859 St. Joseph’s Church. This special performance is part of their album release tour showcasing their new album, Josh Grider and Drew Kennedy Live From Main Street Crossing. The performance will be held on Friday, June 14th beginning at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance and available below.


“The hardest thing for people to admit about themselves is that they’re going to change,” says Josh Grider. The country stalwart knows, because he’s done it himself. When you release eight albums, tour the country and abroad, sign publishing deals, top the Texas radio charts, and start a family all in just over a decade, you’re going to come out different than when you went in. The New Mexico native turns the lessons he’s learned so far into an impressive collection of catchy, substantive country tunes — the kind that draw parallels between Grider and artists like Kacey Musgraves and Steve Earle. But Grider delivers them with a smooth Neo-traditional baritone to rival Joe Nichols and melodic hooks that, when they hit you just right, feel timeless on first listen. Learn more at


Kennedy has long-since mastered the art of literary lines that evoke sharp images and strong emotions. As he sings, “The sky’s as wide as a smile on a waitress / at a late night, roadside cafe outside of Pecos” to kick off “Open Road,” West Texas skylines and the people who dot them are inimitably captured. All brimming toe-tapping keys and crisp cymbal crashes, “24 Hours in New York City” traces the exhilaration and possibility of young love, while “House” describes a home’s dismantling to heartbreaking perfection. Moody “Cream and Sugar” and driving “Jackson” are both straight-ahead pop smashes, and Kennedy’s vocals have never sounded better. Walt Wilkins’ gem “Walnut Street” makes for an ideal addition and marks Kennedy’s first-ever inclusion of a cover on one of his albums. Learn more at


The oldest German Catholic Church in Texas and the oldest wooden church building in Galveston, St. Joseph’s was built by German immigrants in 1859-60. Bishop John Odin, the first Catholic bishop of Texas, recommended that a church be built for the German-speaking Catholics of the growing city. The church was dedicated in April 1860, to St. Joseph, the patron saint of laborers. It is one of the few pre-Civil War buildings left on Galveston Island.

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