Each year, Galveston Historical Foundation asks the public for nominations to their “Heritage At Risk” list of historic sites and properties in Galveston County. Houses on the list are at risk of being lost due to damage, neglect or proposed development. GHF is currently accepting nominations for 2015 via the link below or by calling 409-750-9108. Nominations are due by March 2, 2015.


“We face the challenge of losing a part of our local heritage every day,” states Dwayne Jones, Executive Director of Galveston Historical Foundation. “GHF’s list of at risk properties and sites is developed to bring awareness and encourage all of us to preserve our irreplaceable landmarks.”

The Heritage at Risk List is not limited to just buildings, but includes landscapes, sites, objects, and monuments that compose the cultural landscape of Galveston County. Approved nominations will be announced in May, 2015.

There are three major criteria for consideration on the list:

  • Listed properties or resources should be locally, regionally or nationally significant.
  • Resources must have an identifiable threat to their preservation such as proposed demolition, critical damage, or significant deterioration.
  • The preservation of the site will contribute to the promotion of Galveston County’s heritage.

For more information on GHF’s Heritage at Risk list, please contact Matthew Pelz, Director of Preservation Services, at matthew.pelz@www.galvestonhistory.org or 409-750-9108.

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  1. Leo Morovich

    I think the barracks between 45 and 42 on seawall should be made into something beautiful.. Unsure as to what, but its better than the decripid state they’re in now


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