For the buildings at Fort Crocket, home to Army officers and U.S. Coast Guard families over numerous decades, work being done by Galveston Historical Foundation is ensuring that the story and materials of this historic location find continued service in the community.

The structures, home to a long running dispute between the owners and the State of Texas, was slated for demolition this year. In most cases, that would mark the end to these historic buildings, but an agreement between GHF and the property owners will give new life to the properties. When the opportunity for retention of these properties is exhausted, the best case scenario is to reclaim the materials available for continued use. Doors, flooring, trim work, rafters and more all will find a new home through GHF’s preservation efforts.

“In May of 2014 the owners of the property, Steve Johnson and Jeff Bowen, contacted our Architectural Salvage Warehouse inquiring about our ability to deconstruct the buildings,” says Matthew Pelz, Director of Preservation Services. “We followed up with site visits and created a plan to obtain many materials that are still of great value in both new construction and rehabilitation projects.”

“Salvaging Fort Crockett offers an opportunity to retain much of the material for reuse in Galveston,” explains GHF Executive Director, Dwayne Jones. “Our island has a great tradition of salvaging and reusing in new construction and rehabilitation. It’s a significant comment on our history and value we as Galvestonians place on our heritage.”

For more information on the deconstruction of Fort Crockett, please contact Matthew Pelz, Director of Preservation Services, at 409-760-9108 or

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  1. Becky Gantert

    Will some of the reclaimed items be available for purchase by the public? I have a small raised cottage and want to replace the last 2 hollow doors with original wood doors. After reading this email, I was thinking how great it would be to have a piece or two of history in my little home.
    Thank you,
    Becky Gantert


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