Galveston Historical Foundation

2020 Bathing Beauties Contest Application


    Please provide 1 interesting or unique TRUE fact about yourself (ex: you are studying to be a brain surgeon, you’ve been diving with sharks, you’ve climbed Mt. Everest, you can juggle, etc…)

    Please tell us your favorite thing about Galveston. This can be a location, a memory, or a season:

    Must be photo of actual suit you're competing with.

    • (max file size 40 MB)

    Please describe in detail the style, color and design of your swimwear. Be as specific as possible. Duplicate “vintage-inspired” swimwear will not be permitted. No swimwear changes will be accepted after submission. Changes to swimwear without Beach Revue approval will result in contestant disqualification.

    If vintage, please describe the time period your swimwear is from. Be sure to include any unique qualities or notes you’d like the judges to be aware of. If swimwear is “vintage-inspired”, describe the era of inspiration and any unique qualities. Be sure to include whether or not it was custom made, modeled after your Grandmother’s /Grandfather’s design, etc. Specific information will help the judges.

    Get your order in now for the official 2020 Bathing Beauties panoramic! Your pre-order ensures prompt delivery to you after it's completed in June. Pre-orders are $58 and include shipping.

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