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The Indian Texans


By James M. Smallwood

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Long before Texas became the Lone Star State, or even a Spanish territory, Indian Texans called it home. From prehistory, through European and American invasions, to the beginning of the twenty-first century, author James Smallwood traces the survival and revival of Native Americans in Texas. Smallwood highlights each Texas tribe, often providing readers the deeper understanding that comes from first-hand accounts. The Indian Texans features 62 illustrations boxed biographical sketches excerpts from the journals of Cabeza de Vaca and others. This book is part of a five-volume set from the Institute of Texan Cultures. The entire set, entitled Texans All, explores the social and cultural contributions made by five distinctive cultural groups that already existed in Texas prior to its statehood or that came to Texas in the early twentieth century: The Indian Texans, The Mexican Texans, The European Texans, The African Texans, and The Asian Texans.

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