FFor those who wish to establish a more lasting relationship with GHF, the foundation established the Legacy Guild, a level of participation for those who decide to include GHF in their estate planning. Planned giving helps to ensure GHF’s long-term financial strength and its ability to effectively carry out its mission. The Legacy Guild will allow GHF to recognize those who have already made such provisions and to foster relationships with those who may consider making a planned gift to GHF.

Establishing the Legacy Guild is an important step for the future of GHF, and we invite all that have an interest in supporting the foundation with a planned gift–and those who have already made such a commitment–to notify us. We will be pleased to meet with you and to explore the wide range of possibilities.

There are many methods of planned giving. These include:

  • Bequeathing specific dollar amounts or tangible property in your will to GHF;
  • Directing in your will that GHF receive all or part of any remaining assets, after payment of any bequests and estate-related expenses;
  • Establishing a trust that pays lifetime income to your spouse or other beneficiaries, after which the trust assets, or a portion of them, are given to GHF;
  • Designating GHF as the beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), other retirement plan, or insurance.
  • Planned giving enables you to make a larger gift than is usually possible during your lifetime, by designating assets currently held on reserve to a worthy cause. Your heirs may also qualify for federal and/or state estate tax deduction, reducing the size of your taxable estate. As a donor, you are extended special recognition and the opportunity to interact with the Legacy Guild.

To learn more about estate planning and other giving opportunities for GHF, please contact Judy Wilkie at 409-765-7834.