GHF is honored to announce the establishment of the “Josephine Lockhart Reid Fund.” This one million dollar endowed fund, given by Josephine Reid in 2017, will benefit repair, maintenance and special projects of the 1892 Bishop’s Palace. Projects planned include art and stained glass restoration as well as furniture conservation.

Josephine Reid, who passed away in late 2016, is a descendant of Walter and Josephine Gresham’s oldest daughter, Esther Gresham Lockhart, and has been a longtime supporter of GHF and the 1892 Bishop’s Palace.

“GHF is very appreciative of the gift from the Gresham descendants,” states Dwayne Jones, Galveston Historical Foundation’s Executive Director. “This initial endowment for the house will ensure the long-term preservation of this major tourist attraction. It is also wonderful to connect to the family and be able to return items once in the house. We learn more about the Gresham’s and the house all the time that can enhance our interpretation.”

In 2014, Reid donated a large number of original furnishings from Bishop’s Palace to GHF and her children donated additional, original furnishings, to the foundation in 2017.


Josephine was born on March 21, 1925 in Galveston, Texas to John W. and Frances Harris Lockhart. She began school at the age of four and graduated from Ball High School in Galveston at age sixteen. She attended Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia and graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in microbiology at age nineteen. Josephine met Dr. John Warren “Jack” Reid in a laboratory at Brachenridge Hospital in Austin, Texas where he was a surgical resident and they married in 1945. Josephine and Jack traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe. She was an avid reader of history and promoter of historic preservation. She delighted in helping to preserve the history of Mill City, Oregon and enthusiastically supported the Galveston Historical Foundation in their efforts to preserve the 1892 Bishop’s Palace, the home of her great-grandparents.


Bishop’s Palace, also known as the Walter and Josephine Gresham House, is one of the island’s best known and most popular tourist attractions. Bishop’s Palace is recognized as one of the nation’s most important late 19th century Victorian residences. Nicholas Clayton, Texas’ most accomplished architect of the period, designed the house for the Gresham family. In 1921, Galvestonians raised money to buy the house for the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese to make it the home of Bishop Byrne. GHF purchased the property in 2013 from the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese. The foundation is the third owner of the property and assumed management in 2007. It welcomes over 65,000 local, national and international visitors each year.

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