Galveston Historical Foundation

2023 Dickens on The Strand Business Listing


For 50 years, Dickens on The Strand has highlighted the businesses that call The Strand home. For our 50th anniversary, we are expanding our catalog map to include participating downtown merchants. The program, included in all Galveston County Daily News deliveries before the event, will also be available at all of our gates for guests to use. These guides are the official program with entertainment, vendor locations, and more. It is also placed on our web site, and a digital copy can be sent to program participants for placement and usage.

Interested Strand and Mechanic merchants would be included on our festival map with a numbered listing, similar to how our festival vendors are shown. Your business name would be individually listed with a corresponding number placed on the map for wayfinding.

Deadline for inclusion in this program is Wednesday, November 15.

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