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1892 Bishop's Palace
1892 Bishop's Palace

New Year’s Day Open House at the 1892 Bishop’s Palace

Bishop's Palace Open House

On January 1st GHF celebrates the New Year at Bishop’s Palace with free admission 1 pm-3 pm. Complimentary champagne will be served to attendees. The tradition of an open house at the property started in 1893. Every other year the Gresham family would welcome visitors for a New Year’s Day calling.


Bishop’s Palace, also known as the Walter and Josephine Gresham House, is one of the island’s best-known and most popular tourist attractions. Bishop’s Palace is recognized as one of the nation’s most important late 19th-century Victorian residences. Nicholas Clayton, Texas’ most accomplished architect of the period, designed the house for the Gresham family. In 1921, Galvestonians raised money to buy the house for the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese to make it the home of Bishop Byrne. GHF purchased the property in 2013 from the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese. The foundation is the third owner of the property and assumed management in 2007. It welcomes over 65,000 local, national and international visitors each year.


GHF was formed as the Galveston Historical Society in 1871 and merged with a new organization formed in 1954 as a non-profit entity devoted to historic preservation and history in Galveston County. Over the last sixty years, GHF has expanded its mission to encompass community redevelopment, historic preservation advocacy, maritime preservation, coastal resiliency and stewardship of historic properties. GHF embraces a broader vision of history and architecture that encompasses advancements in environmental and natural sciences and their intersection with historic buildings and coastal life, and conceives of history as an engaging story of individual lives and experiences on Galveston Island from the 19th century to the present day.

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Lavonna Norris
Lavonna Norris
8 months ago

This is an absolutely beautiful place and I recommend everyone visiting the island should see it. Galveston has a vast array of different types of architecture, with this being one of the most unique. She will steal your heart if you have any interest in this type of building.

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